Beautiful overnight

24 Aug

beautiful lipsSummer nights. Long evenings in good company, enjoying when, at last, the sun sets and you can enjoy the cool. Do you want the makeup still in place although the nights may be long? We’ll give some tips for perfect hold until you return home and can boast of a good face all night!

Matte makeup bases control the brightness and have greater permanence than satin. To not be a mask effect, it should use formulas that are both transparent and nuances, and be more sparing in their application in the drier areas such as cheeks.

The translucent powder sets makeup and prolongs its duration. The secret to implement them correctly is to apply some product and, above all, remove any excess with a good brush, so it is very light and transparent.

A secret so that the lip color last longer is to fill the entire surface of the mouth with a pencil eyeliner desired tone. If necessary, you can blend with a cotton swab. This will create a color based on that you can apply lipstick with a brush selected, pressing the lips against each other to fix the pigments.

The waterproof mascara better resist late night that traditional and hold laughter, tears and smoke. Of course, to eliminate need to use a special makeup remover.

Beware of eyeliner pencils: the wax content and therefore, fat, do not be indelible. For an accurate and outlined long-term is preferable to use eye shadow applied with a wet brush or traditional liquid eye liner ever.

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