Effective Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

11 Aug

People with sensitive skin need extra care for their skin as sensitive skin is prone to get affected to external and internal factors more than other skin types. This is why many companies come up with products specially made for sensitive skin and they label these products as made for only sensitive skin. The sensitivity varies from one person to another. Well, all skin types are sensitive to some chemical based products, but the tolerance level of other skin types is on the higher side as compared to sensitive skin and the damaged caused due to chemical products to sensitive skin is more as compared to other skin types.

One can take care of sensitive skin with little care. Let us learn how to take care of sensitive skin on your own.

  • You can try using products labelled as ‘made for sensitive skin only’. Do not forget to check the instruction before you buy the product to see if there are any warnings specified on the label.
  • While choosing sensitive skin care products make sure that you choose the product having less added colourings, additives or preservatives.
  • Avoid using toners as toners are alcohol based and harmful for sensitive skin.
  • Try using gloves while engaging yourself in cleaning wherein you need to use chemicals like detergents etc.,
  • Try to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. Before going out in the sun, apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful ultra-violet rays.
  • You also need to protect your skin from dust and pollutants. To do this, you can cover yourself before you go out.
  • Try not to scrub your skin hard or exfoliate harshly. This can cause inflammation.
  • Keeping the make up for long hours can also damage your skin. Try to remove makeup using hypoallergenic removers available for removing makeup.
  • Try to use mild cleansers and you can also opt for organic skin care products to be on the safer side.
  • A mild moisturizing cream is recommended for sensitive skin. Apply enough moisturizer so that your skin remains hydrated.


Sensitive skin is all about being more careful. Sensitive skin can also react to certain products, which contain harsh chemicals so try to determine any product before using it. Herbal remedies prove to be effective for sensitive skin as they do not contain harsh chemicals. Using herbal skin care products will not cause any irritation to the sensitive skin. Well, it is always better to check any product before using by applying it on your skin to a small area and in case any irritation persists you can stop using that product. Having sensitive is nothing to worry about; it is just a little care that you need to take for your skin and it will glow like any other skin type.

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