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21 Dec

sensitive skin Although many women believe they have sensitive skin or sensitive fortunately this is not the case. Sensitive skin requires special care and is easy to know if you have it.

Some say that sensitive skin is not a type of skin but a state in which the skin becomes reactive.

What is sensitive skin?
This is a type of skin that is red, irritated, itchy, burning or flammable when exposed to sun, cold or heat, irritants, certain foods and even stress. Most people can suffer from these symptoms occasionally, but are mild and infrequent, sensitive skin reaction is expected most of the time.

There is a context sensitive skin type hypersensitive skin which has the above conditions and causes extreme pain and discomfort. This skin requires medical treatment.

Those who have sensitive skin
Anyone can get it, anywhere but is most common in cold and white skinned people.

It may be that the person always has sensitive skin or put sensitive to a certain age (the age varies) or ever become sensitive. In all cases care are the same.

Care for Sensitive Skin
The first step is to try to identify what factors irritate your skin. It can be by eating certain foods such as species, spicy foods, alcohol, certain vegetables like tomatoes (tomatoes), eggplant and peppers of all kinds and so on.

This may be due to cold weather or hot, the use of some ingredients in products for the face as retinol, glycolic acid and acid, salicylic acid and so on., Stress, when the period is about others.

Usually whatever causes dilation of blood vessels can cause skin irritation. For example hot drinks or hot water application to the face.

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