Basic Principles of Skin Care

12 Aug

Almost daily we get to know about different skin care products through advertisements and we are told that every new product that is launched is good for our skin; we can get glowing and healthy skin.  Well, we believe in what these advertisements say to promote their products and try to use different products for skin care thinking that we will look 20 years younger than our age.

Let us learn some true facts about our skin

Most of us are not aware of the term skin care and the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of skin care is about different products that are available in the market. Well, the phrase skin care itself means taking care of your skin. Now, how you take care of your skin is a different thing altogether. You need to know your skin type, little knowledge about skin care and other factors that you need to determine for keeping your skin healthy.

What is the role of your skin?

Your skin protects your internal body as it forms an outer covering for your body. Our skin becomes a layer of protection between the environment outside and internal parts of our body. One can say it acts as a waterproof to protect us from pollution or other harmful factors that can harm our body directly. Our skin plays an important role in removing toxins from our body through perspiration and regulates our body temperature.

This is how our skin performs some important functions to protect our body. It is our responsibility to take very good care of our skin without exposing it to harmful chemical based skin care products. To keep your skin healthy you can follow some skin care principles that can help you take care of your skin perfectly.

Basic principles of Skin Care

Drinking plenty of water:  Drinking plenty of water (2 litres every day) to keep your skin hydrated is highly recommended. Our metabolism requires at least 2 litres of water every day to function normally. If you engage in physical activity, the requirement of water increases as you sweat a lot during strenuous physical activity. If you are using expensive moisturizer and not drinking plenty of water, it will not work for you, as without drinking enough water you remain dehydrated and any of the beauty treatments won’t work for you.

Eating Nutritious food: Eating nutritious food like grains, lean meat, vegetables etc., can help your skin get the nutrients required to function properly. Our skin needs vitamins, amino acids, minerals and some gentle skin care products, but you cannot get a substitute for nutritious food.

Daily skin care: A skin care routine needs to be followed on a daily basis in order to remove dead cells, dirt from your skin. You also need to unclog skin pores and provide essential nourishment to your skin. Your skin needs to breathe properly in order to remain healthy and glowing. To help your skin breathe removing dead cells from your skin is necessary as it promotes normal blood circulation to the skin providing your skin with oxygen.


Follow the basic principles of skin care can help your skin remain healthy and glowing. Well, who wouldn’t like to look younger than his/her age?

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