Anti-wrinkle products for young women

23 Jul

How we see from here a few years will depend entirely on us. My mom always tells me to start taking care of my skin wrinkles and I think it is so wrong. Even a teacher at school told me not to renege or frown, wrinkled because I’d like her, and yes it scared me a little.

The point is that ever since we were little, we grow with the underlying concern that, eventually, we will be wrinkled and we will have access to some type of cosmetic surgery to stretch the skin.

But it is not necessary if we prevent and, now, our twenties, we begin to use products that help us not to be removed (because we’re going to wrinkle, wrinkle we will) but to mitigate and reduce the lack of elasticity of the skin.


To this end there are several products that we can begin to include in our daily beauty routine. They are usually for use at bedtime. Many beauty brands have such treatments and typically include three products: the day cream, night cream for the cream and eye contour.

Lancome Primordiale Skin line offers the first Recharge smoothing wrinkles tightens pores and reloads the skin. Ideal for young skin like ours.

Somewhat more accessible is the anti-aging treatment that has Esika : Rebirth 30 +, also contains 3 products to prevent the effects of age.

Unique line brings Sentiva Prevent, including anti-aging serum, which is applied in the morning, and nourishing cream multivitamin for the night. These also for young skin.


To start your skin care you can choose one of the 3 products, I suggest starting with the day cream that moisturizes and contains besides you solar factor, and complementary to the eye contour. Also, I leave a few tips to help you in this process to prevent wrinkles.
Use moisturizer daily. Apply it in the morning and make sure that has solar factor.
Reduce the use of makeup as this dries the skin. Remember to moisturize your face every time you remove the makeup.

Needless to say that a healthy, drink plenty of water and do not smoke or drink, will keep you wrinkle faster.

The fact that still we are young does not mean that we neglect our face of what might happen later. I think it’s time for me to also start adding the cream around the eyes to my daily routine. And what do you use products to prevent wrinkles? How watching your face?

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