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26 Nov

Skin CareFrom 20 to 30 years, we are at the stage of life where our skin has a fresh and bright. Thus began the period in which we prevent wrinkles, age spots, sagging, etc. that may occur in the future, with a good cleansing ritual.

Despite the passage of time inevitably leaves traces on the skin of the face, if you exfoliate, cleanse, nourish and protect from the sun is part of our body, so avoid major problems in the future. Know all the steps we take to look youthful and radiant skin at the same time as we prepare for adulthood.

The cleansing and purification ritual must become an imperative. Although a young skin, it begins to lose some of its initial output. A daily schedule of cleaning and toning, and exfoliation week, keep him out of impurities and acne, increasingly common in adult women.

In addition, the ideal age to start using around the eyes. If you have oily skin, you can apply two drops of lemon or exfoliating product, and for sensitive skin peels is best done every three months.

There are several active ingredients that can and should find in your cosmetics, to achieve greater efficiency:

Energizing hydrated with components such as minerals (magnesium and copper), vitamins, sugars, glucose, caffeine, seaweed extracts, etc. All of them improve skin cell activity.

Preventive anti-aging cosmetics that contain sunscreen, anti-free radical active action (vitamins C, E) and protective skin barrier (such as ceramides).

Exfoliating products based on extracts of fruits, rich in hydroxy acids and vitamin C, which releases the surface of the skin and dead skin cells and accelerate their renewal.

Young skin can also make use of the beauty treatments offered by beauty centers. The aim is to unify the tone and energize the skin. So a lightening program and rehydration with hyaluronic acid are the best options. We recommend for a treatment that helps you to recover the natural skin tone.

Make a little massage on the face every morning reinforce the effect of the creams. Which we detail below is ideal for providing light to the eye:
Press gently with your index finger along the lid, below the eyebrows.
To stretch the area around the nose, rubs his index finger from the bottom with an upturned nose.

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