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27 Mar

antiaging creamsBelieve it or not in step 25 to 30 years is where we begin to see signs of aging, of course, are the first so you should consider taking care of your skin. In this article we tell you how and where to start.

The skin is the first contact with many factors such as climate and its changes, pollution, ultraviolet rays of the sun, poor diet and of course this is not free. The signs of fatigue and over time begin to show the world.

The stage of 20 years is the ideal start to their skin. For many women this is crazy but experts recommend starting to implement the habit of care and prevention.

You must start to care for the skin of sun exposure with suitable protecting not only in summer but should be done during the year. It is important to choose the product that we recommend water based to avoid excessive fat. Try to be a high factor.

It is important that you opt for makeup remover every night and use cleansing cream for it. The idea is to remove the face paint and dirt that accumulate during the day.

The anti-aging treatment is based on two products that you should not ignore: On the one hand lotion eyes area, sensitive area, and the other for the rest of the facial skin. For eyes without choosing a fragrance, freshness and treats dark circles.

From this time the products chosen should consider the hydration of the skin to keep it beautiful both inside and out and rich in vitamins that is compared to years. This is fundamental.

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