Internal and external aging

02 Jan

Internal and external agingYou know most of what we call skin aging is nothing more than sun damage.

According to dermatologists, there are two causes or types of aging: intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external causes). The internal aging is mostly a result of our genetic heritage and we have no control over it. But the major cause of aging is external and we have some control over this.

The intrinsic aging or hereditary

Intrinsic aging is also known as chronological aging. Our skin changes at puberty and continues to change. The signs of intrinsic aging are most notable:

Changes in skin

As time passes after adolescence the skin begins to become more and drier. This is due to hormonal changes. When approaching menopause dryness increases. For this reason most hydrating creams are used as time passes and you can consume more omega3.

Dryness may also be caused by the lack of fat in the diet but this is not common.

Wrinkles, lines and sagging

This is mainly due to the natural loss of collagen and elastin. As time passes the skin loses the ability to regenerate as fast as it does when we are young.
Large pores

But has been careful skin pores gradually get bigger and if there is genetic predisposition more open.

External or extrinsic aging

The external aging is also known as aging caused by the environment.

This type of aging is due to a large extent the damage caused by the sun on the skin.

The most common signs of external aging are:

Changes in skin texture

Sun exposure damages the skin by putting harsher. Sun damage promotes free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin.


Most stains and discolorations in the skin are caused or aggravated by the sun. As time passes, the damage that the sun has been causing the skin since we were children begin to show.

Excessive wrinkles

Although wrinkles are inevitable can be delayed and its excess may be due to external factors such as smoking, poor diet, excessive sun exposure and lack of care for the skin. All these factors are beyond our control.

Sagging skin

The villain of the sun is again part of the blame. The sun’s rays damage the skin structure. This is visible in special machines which can be seen as the skin becomes thinner and less elastin. Elastin is necessary to keep the skin firm and elastic. With age, levels off but the low sun even more.


It is never too late or too early to start caring for the skin. Above all, protect it from sun and use a moisturizer after 25. Do not smoke and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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