Factors for beautiful skin

29 Dec

Factors for beautiful skin Our skin is affected by our emotions, health and the environment. To keep skin healthy and beautiful internal and external needs care.

The color of our skin, the pore size, trends such as oily, dry, acne, rosacea, broken capillaries and so on. are determined by our genes, but as we take care of the skin is very important to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Among the factors outside of our genes that affect the skin include: Internal and external factors.

Internal factors that affect our skin

These are some factors that affect our skin from within:

1 – Sleep and rest

The lack of sleep creates stress and fatigue. Almost all have experienced the rise and see us “tired.” Lack of sleep is associated with loss of skin luminosity, premature wrinkles under eye bags and dark circles. The skin needs to sleep because during sleep is renewed. Read sleep and skin

2 – Infringement

Like snuff and alcohol excess. The snuff causes dehydration and inflammation in the skin. The snuff creates poisoning in the skin which reduces the speed with which it is renewed by accelerated aging. Too much alcohol has similar effects.

3 – Poor Food

Our skin needs the nutrients essential to health as vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats.

This is accomplished through a variety of foods in moderation. Read Vitamins for the skin

Other foods such as sugar, too much coffee, white flour (breads, white rice, pasta etc.), And other hydrogenated fats negatively affect the skin because it creates inflammation, promoting premature wrinkles, acne and other skin conditions in people prone to it.

4 – Stress and negative emotions

Stress and other negative emotions like anxiety, sadness and so on. Imbalanced hormones causing the skin to age prematurely. Promote the appearance of acne, rosacea, eczema and other conditions in susceptible people.

External factors that affect the skin

1 – Sol

Is the number one enemy of the skin. The sun’s rays damage the skin both as internal layers. The majority of skin aging is due to the sun. Therefore it is recommended to use sun block, filter or sunscreen at all times.

2 – Pollution

The air we breathe and all the particles in the air due to pollution have adverse effects on the skin because they irritate and clog pores.

3 – Lack of care

It is important to clean and moisturize the skin with the right products for your skin type. Avoid using creams or products that may irritate or cause allergies.

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