The best anti-aging recommendations

26 Mar

best anti-agingThe passage of time does not come alone and need to be prepared for what is brought up to. At this stage there is time to start extreme care of the skin that become necessary to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Follow these tips:

- Vitamin E consuming because this helps to keep the membranes of cells and skin caring substances found in the environment and which accelerate the aging of a prematurely.

- Aerobic physical activity such as walking, running, swimming, cycling slows down aging and improves blood circulation and thus the skin receives more nutrients.

- Stay out of the sun and if you expose yourself never stop protecting skin protectors like the sunglasses that not only take care of the eyes, but protect the area that is very sensitive.

- Try not to stay up late because the bad dream is one of the worst enemies of the skin as it creates wrinkles. Also try not to smoke or drink too much alcohol.

- Facial massages are good because they allow better blood circulation in the area of the face like the relaxation of muscles. You can implement moisturizers and nutrients that add to the moisture of the skin.

- Drink plenty of water. L It is essential to maintain healthy body and skin as well. Never forget makeup remover before going to sleep.

- When using the basic makeup, do not abuse the product and watch your diet by adding more vegetables and fruits.

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