New method to stop the passage of time?

16 May

The maintenance of body and beauty are increasingly rooted in our society. It seems that these issues loom large in the interest of many people, each day a little more concerned about looking good and staying healthy, sometimes to unhealthy levels (ironic, huh?).

The problem is that it has created an unhealthy obsession about body care , which leads many people to risk their physical integrity to achieve the kind of physical than social established canon as “beautiful” or ” Fashion.

Hand in hand with the tips and tricks that invade all media to drive people to a better body are also medical and scientific discoveries, which encourage the search for new methods to help curb the impetuous passage of time on the body human. For example, recently, some professionals have analyzed the influence of sirtuins as a barrier against aging and prolonged years of life.

But what are the sirtuins? This is a class of proteins that are present in almost all organisms, but that in it would not be the cause of stopping the passage of time, but that stimulation of these enzymes helps protect the body from the ravages of age.

According to scholars who analyze this issue, resveratrol, a substance found in grape skins, would serve very well to activate the above-named proteins. In addition, resveratrol has already begun shipping in cosmetic creams and gels that promote as the magical substance that stops the body.

The truth is that we are subject to both God’s will as to the passage of time. Whatever we do for health care is good, but let’s not forget there is always a boundary between healthy and obsessive, and furthermore, there are no magic solutions to stop the erosion of the years over our bodies.

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