Get ready for summer: What to know about laser hair removal

13 Apr

laser hair removalWe make clear what is there in some beliefs and misconceptions about this method. One of the aesthetic issues of greatest concern facing the good weather and that with it comes time to wear the short clothes and what better to do without having to worry about the hair. Well, to get it, laser hair removal is one of the most desirable because of its capabilities and its high effectiveness. However, if you propose get treatment to stop the hair, there are certain things you should know.

The clear or blond hair is more difficult to remove with laser

It is true, since it has lower concentration of melanin (pigment) which is the target of the laser. But today, thanks to latest generation lasers such as the Elite MPX can be eliminated.

We need to grow the hair before shaving

You need not have been waxing or tweezing for 10-15 days before there is the hair shaft that is responsible for driving the laser energy from the skin to the hair matrix, which is what we want to destroy, but you can tweak knife.

Laser hair removal is most effective as the system you used so far (wax, knife …)

No, is independent.

Can not perform laser hair removal in summer

Laser hair removal can be done all year. The only contraindication is tanned skin. If it is summer, and take the sun with protective wax or covered areas such as armpits, no problem. However, as the intervals between sessions are 2-3 months, you can do a session before the summer, and again later when the tan is gone.

You can sunbathe after laser hair removal

Yes you can sunbathe after laser hair removal, but as in some patients may be more sensitive skin, it is advisable to use sun protection factor.

Laser hair removal is painful

You can feel the heat of the laser light, which can be annoying in some patients. To mitigate it, is used in combination with the laser, a cold air at -10 degrees to soothe the skin. Laser hair removal is much less painful than waxing, for example.

The hair grows back in time

In the body, no. Facial, if hormonal stimulation may leave a little hair, but in much smaller quantities and much thinner than in the beginning. After 6 sessions of laser hair removal permanently eliminates 90% of the hair.

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