Things You Should Know About Waxing

11 Oct

You have chosen bathing suit, sun lotion and sunglasses for a beach! And the skin must be as ready, so shaved.

The most efficient and handy method to get rid of unwanted hair remains traditional waxing.

Wax hair removal benefits:

* Method is a lasting, growing hair within a period of up to three weeks;
* Regular use of a long time will make the hair to be smoother and more rare;
* Skin irritation and redness are reduced significantly;
* Is a suitable method for hair removal of any parts of the body (including sensitive areas such as armpits and groin).

You choose: hot or cold?

If you use hot wax, and heat expands the pores has a slight anesthetic effect. Therefore, hair is easily removed and the feeling of pain is relieved.
Cold Wax, involves less risk though, is less practical. Requires passing over the same area several times in order to remove all the hairs. In general, this method is ideal for women who have problems with circulation (varicose veins visible).
But it is advisable to opt for disposable waxing, to the detriment of the normal, due to sterility and increased safety.

Ingrown hairs

99% of women go through this ordeal every cap. These wires, unsightly and sometimes painful because it causes inflammation, occur regardless of hair removal method that we use. There is a medical name: recurrent folliculitis. It’s thicker hair and a deeper root.

The phenomenon is more common in people with curly hair. Sometimes folliculitis may be due to hormonal dysfunction, which is supported by more often in women with polycystic ovaries and / or menstrual disorders, thickness and the speed at which hair grows is dependent on hormones.

Use of tweezers to remove those wires or is not a solution, the risks are posed by superinfection hair root or scarring.

Solutions to prevent recurrent Ingrown hairs

Hair removal: hair follicle destruction is the only way to influence hair growth;

Hair removal be done in the first or second day of menstruation (the phase in which the ovaries secrete thyroid hormone estrogen);

Proper care of the skin: the stratum corneum of the skin if not sufficiently hydrated, the risk that the wires to grow under the skin is greater. Body milk, used daily, is helpful in this regard. Same peels, gomaj, thinning outer layer of skin so the hair will take a shorter route under the skin and inflammation will be much less visible or even nonexistent. To relieve inflammation not use alcohol, iodine alcohol or other products that dehydrate the skin excessively, but creams and ointments on the basis of antibiotic that will prevent infection and the appearance of the skin (folliculitis post-epilation).


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