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24 Aug

To revitalize the skin on our face at any time, nothing like we always carry with water and hydrating mists. Rich in minerals and vitamins, these hot springs are ideal spray to soothe the skin and feel a pleasant sensation of freshness.

The main function of this hydrating and refreshing mist is to provide extra hydration or give vitality to tired skin, but we also have other benefits.

Soothes sensitive skin.

Calman after waxing or shaving and after exposure to the sun. They are therefore ideal for use by the whole family.

They help set the makeup. If you want to achieve a durable and professional vaporizes away the face after makeup.

They bring light and tone the skin off.

In summer the hot springs become our greatest allies. On the beach or while we walk around town, they help to hydrate our skin while providing a pleasant cooling sensation.

Another advantage is price, since we’re talking about one of cosmetic products on the market cheaper and more durable, so you should not hesitate to include it in the list of your facial care products.

Perhaps the best known because it’s high desensitizing it to suit all skin types. Thermal Water Avene, comes in two sizes, so do not miss on your dresser but also so you can carry around in your bag and in the case.

Rich in minerals, water, Vichy Laboratories Thermal, strengthens the skin’s antioxidant defenses. Its composition is 100% guaranteed thermal so an extra hydration.

The minerals present in water are responsible for providing thermal energy to the skin, so do not hesitate to use the middle of the day for the skin of your face remains intact. Selenium and zinc are present in the Thermal Water La Roche-Posay, which also has a decongestant effect on the skin.

The proven effectiveness of vitamin C in the skin, also used in facial mists. Revitalizing Facial Spray with Vitamin C Body Shop, not only moisturizes your skin, but it also provides an anti-aging.

At Sephora find the three tonique Lotion Tonique, which includes ginseng as the main active ingredient, which gets a revitalizing effect that instantly refreshes the skin.

Anytime is good to tone and hydrate your face with this water that will make you look gorgeous and revitalized!

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