Pregnant beauty creams for skin care

23 Jul

Pregnant beauty creams

Those who are already mothers certainly know Suavinex products for children in their early years. Comfort, original design and a subtle sense of luxury, it leaves the impression that the products of this company, created for children in the house.

The novelty of Suavinex for this year is a line designed for the care of expectant mothers and for those who have just given birth, complete with super kits are ideal for gifts or to treat yourself, because during those nine months (and in the following ) care of skin and body is very important, and not only that, we also need to feel better before the pregnancy symptoms and Suavinex has thought it all:

Mummy to be:

This kit meets the necessary care for expectant mothers between 0 and 24 weeks of gestation:

Stretch mark cream.

Body mist, a refreshing mist water as ideal to apply early in the day or whenever you want. The formula developed on the basis of geranium essential oil, make this product a refreshing bath in those times that your hormones are “revolution” and feel warmer than usual.

Mummy Balm. Imagine having a cosmetic product that will relieve the unpleasant sensation that produces nausea. This lip balm in their formula includes lanolin, shea butter and natural bee wax.

Expecting mummy kit:

Designed for the real needs of mothers, from the sixth month of pregnancy.

Stretch mark cream.

Body Mist, to feel better especially at the end of pregnancy, when the “hot flashes” constantly appearing. A mist of cool water can relax at any time of day.

Perineal oil to prepare the area and facilitate childbirth. With roll-on applicator, this makes the massage and components that help soften the perineal area, such as rosehip oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E.

Luxuries Suavinez stretch mark

The product should be present in the toilet of mothers during and after delivery. Smooth texture, which facilitates absorption and massage with a subtle scent that does not affect the sensitivity of pregnant women.

The components of this product (gotu kola, rosehip oil , ivy, horsetail, etc.). help to mitigate the pinkish marks as a result of sudden weight gain and body size experienced during pregnancy.

Luxuries Suavinex nipple care

For the magic moment of breastfeeding becomes a pleasure, nothing better than having a cream to regenerate, hydrate and soften the cracks that usually appear during the first days you’ll breastfeed your baby.

Body Luxuries Suavinez Restructuring

For your skin regain tone and firmness after giving birth. This product also helps reduce stretch marks, is compatible with breastfeeding, as it is caffeine free, parabens and artificial dyes.

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