Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

12 Sep

What is it?
The best way to combat stretch marks is to apply creams that hydrate the skin and prevent fiber breakage that occurs with weight gain abruptly, either by pregnancy or other circumstances.

How and why does it happen?
Stretch marks are more frequent in mothers and young, probably because the collagen fibers are more rigid. If the skin is well nourished and hydrated, is more likely to appear, because the lack of elasticity implies that can withstand significant stretching.
Stretch marks are common among pregnant women, as one of the factors that predispose their occurrence is the sudden increase in weight and skin stretching.

Treatment and prevention
Once they have appeared, we must resort to surgical or laser treatments to remove them. To prevent it is best to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, the hydration of the skin is essential, and it is cream with vitamins A and D, and specific anti-stretch can be applied from the first month of pregnancy. Remember that the more hydrated you are the dermis; the greater is the capacity to withstand stretching without tearing. In this objective helps to drink water regularly and marked an exercise routine appropriate to the state of the mother.

There are very effective products containing musk rose oil or urea. For resistance to the skin are particularly useful preparations, and contribute to hydration, contain anti-inflammatory principles, such as omega-3 and peeling.

Topical products
Despite having taken account of the recommended care, it is possible that the skin of the pregnant woman still present some stretch marks. In that case we must evaluate the stage of learning are. That is, the number, thickness, some measuring up to one centimeter in width, and area where they are located. Options that can be used after delivery are the topical products. Gels or creams restorative of collagen, a protein found in the skin and helps to give firmness. Be extended smoothly and in a circular motion so that the product be absorbed properly. The chest must be taken to avoid contact with the nipple and areola, which already exist for specific creams that reduce the formation of cracks.

Glycolic and lactic acids
Glycolic and lactic acids are also used when the grooves are still a bit red or purple.

Another method to combat stretch marks is dermabrasion. Peeling is a kind of chemical that acts not erode the groove. You can also apply for those in early stages.

The laser
-Description of treatment: the laser energy stimulates the skin under the groove and allows the cells begin to grow again.

-Application: can be applied on the red streaks that are still trying to recover as on the white to erase the scar. Some treatments are quick and effective and can be used on an outpatient basis.

-Benefits: The process stimulates collagen production and implies that the treated skin is equal to that around. Some studies suggest that stretch marks continue to improve at a later period at meetings of three to six months. Patients who have failed to post results after this time are improved by 50%.

- Is it painless?: Most patients do not require anesthesia and notice only a slight annoyance.

-Duration of treatment: the results are immediately visible, but are progressive. It takes several sessions to get results, but a high percentage of patients notice a clear improvement.

-Recommendations: To enhance the effects of the laser, the doctor may recommend a cream or acid before and after treatment.

-When to apply: people with fair skin and little pigment, both for combat and reddish shallow grooves (recent) and for those who already have pearly (old). In the latter the laser is applied to improve scars with very positive results.

-Contra: the laser does not damage any tissue due to its low intensity. The skin may be red for about 15 days.

When is the best time to treat stretch marks?
Treatments for stretch marks are most effective when these brands are not very wide and are at an early stage of development. However, lasers are also effective for white streaks.

Does drinking two liters of water daily may help moisturize skin and combat stretch marks?
Under normal conditions is a good habit, but need not be in pregnant women. In addition, when a woman is pregnant retains fluid, and so much water can cause discomfort.

Is the laser is the only effective treatment?
Consult your dermatologist and he will determine what treatment should follow based on the location, size and condition of the grooves.

Expert opinion
The appearance of stretch marks is given in most pregnant women, but skin care can lessen their appearance. There are a few key habits:
-Eat a healthy diet, drink water regularly and if possible, an exercise table marked suitable for their state. It is essential to use moisturizers; these products represent a fat intake necessary to correct external aggression and loss of skin moisturizing substances, which can be very useful.

His application must be smooth and circular motion so that the product be absorbed properly.

After delivery, we must assess where they are training phase and the number, thickness and area in which they are located. Laser treatments are one option to improve their appearance.

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