How to get rid of stretch marks

16 Nov

stretch marksThe streaks may appear in the body of a woman or a man at any point in their lives and do not disappear over time, annoying and looking terrible, they were never seems to disappear. Appear frequently in places like buttocks, stomach, legs and even the breasts of women.

In case you do not know, stretch marks are nothing more than an atrophic scar that appears if the skin is stretched suddenly and intensely. This stretch can happen when grown during adolescence, when rapid weight changes, pregnancy, among other things, but these are the most common.

The quality of the skin, which is hereditary to make it more flexible or not, also condition people suffer from stretch marks. But how to get rid of stretch marks? Well there are some methods we can use at home, and then you have them.

Drink plenty of water because, although many do not believe is the biggest secret of Beauty might be in tota Nature, beyond creams, treatments, exercises. One liter of water every day is enough to improve skin elasticity.

Remember to exfoliate , which must be at least every 15 days, removing dead skin cells and allowing new ones to grow and that is not only in the face, should be done throughout the body.

Use coconut can be in a body lotion or an oil well, but is made from this fruit; it improves elasticity and helps regeneration. It’s great for use in areas already affected.

Also used vitamin E, especially in your diet with foods such as spinach or almonds, but you can use a cream containing this ingredient.

And use olive oil, a secret that many women use for wounds and scars. Massage with him in the affected areas.

With all these tips and avoiding abrupt changes in weight, stretch marks disappear.

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