Why do I have stretch marks?

28 Feb

I do not know if you’ve noticed, but on the skin that is in your abdomen, hips or buttocks look at some streaks of a different key can be a little darker than your skin or somewhat clearer, and when you pass the yolks your fingers feel some small irregularities. My dear friend, these are the unwanted streaks.

You may be wondering why, since you have heard that stretch marks usually appear in the body of women who have had a pregnancy and you say that you do not have children, why this is happening to you. Do not worry; today we will see what the reasons why we stretch marks are.

The first thing to do is keep in mind that stretch marks can appear on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, hips, thighs, knee joints, even in the arms, etc. In addition, we must know what they really are. Stretch marks are tears in the fabric fibers and can become quite visible with the appearance of small scars.

Another thing you should know is that not only happening to us, they too happen. The causes to appear are diverse; here are some of the stories:

The pregnancy is one of the best known, because by increasing the volume and stretching of the womb they break down skin tissue.

The rapid growth of people makes the skin is stretched rapidly, causing the fibers of the skin is broken.

Gain or lose weight also causes stretch marks appear.

Stress is also one of the causes, it makes the cell oxygenation is not the same, being observe in the skin.

Drugs and the use of cortisone also affect them.

We know some of the reasons why we leave the grooves, it is now time to take care and keep us appear more and therefore need to avoid sudden weight changes, and you’re pregnant is needed from the second month Apply moisturizer start in all areas where stretch marks may appear as the buttocks, breasts, abdomen, etc.

Massages it is circular in all possible areas of appearance, so this should help a fibrous type glove, with which you can help circulation and prevent stretch marks appear. Other help is also given soft pinching, always in a circle on the lines; this will help stimulate cell growth.

Finally, remember that your diet is critical to your physical well-being, it is necessary to eat a diet rich in vitamins, do sports and drink plenty of water. If you think these are very deep, see a dermatologist for you to check and treat yourself.

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