Stretch Marks

05 Jan

Stretch marks occur result of excessive stretching of the fibers under the skin causing el├ícticas marks is not painful but that disfigure our figure. These tend to have different stages that we associate with the color, pink is a symptom when you are overweight and that the skin is tight so we could say it is a natural warning against weight … When stretch marks become white color means the skin returns to its natural position, but the mark of the rupture still remains as if it were a scar.

Obviously among the most frequent causes the appearance of stretch marks is overweight, or sudden weight changes, the movement of tug of war does break the skin causing the stretch marks … Another cause of the appearance of stretch marks can be dealt with hormonal issues or menopause puberty, pregnancy and finally point out another common cause.

Comment that to prevent the appearance of stretch marks have to do homework before they show up because once the skin is broken it is difficult for this return to its original condition … There are laser-based treatments that mitigate a little scar but this is not gone forever.

As we have to prevent them before they appear, the first thing to do is lead a balanced diet to avoid sudden changes in weight, if these changes are the result of pregnancy must be constantly hydrate the skin and creams use elastic effect (ask our doctor) so that the skin is always resilient and suffers no hitches. Exercise is very good as our circulation active.

There are also some home remedies as a cream food as almonds, grapes, horse tail, avocado … etc

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