Laser Hair Removal Pros And Cons

17 Oct

Many women dream to get rid of unwanted hair forever. Technology brings us very close to this dream.

The most common methods of disposal that destroy long-term unwanted hair is laser and IPL (intense pulsed light). Both are effective and works the same way, using light to heat and destroy hair follicles. Therefore, such methods work well for people with white skin and black hair. Intense Pulsed Light is more effective than laser because it can cover large areas of skin.

Both methods are generally more efficient in women than men. Because of testosterone, the male hormone, men’s hair follicles are much stronger than those of women and therefore more difficult to destroy.

Despite the name, permanent hair removal is not very permanent … Results of a treatment for hair removal with IPL or laser takes about a year. The designation “permanent hair removal” has its origin in time rather than to hair growth, higher than for any other methods of hair removal.

Laser hair removal technique can be mild to moderately painful, each hair follicle is surrounded by nerve endings. Although the procedure is bearable, it can resort to having anesthetic creams which applied 30 – 60 minutes before initiating the procedure. The immediate effects of hair removal are redness, swelling and skin.

How many sessions are needed?

For satisfactory and lasting results are needed three to six treatments. The time interval between two treatments varies between 4 and 12 weeks depending on hair color, type of laser or ILP’s used and the treated area.

What are the risks?

Fortunately, complications in the laser or IPL hair removal are quite rare, if hair removal is done properly. The main side effects that you can expect are:

* Alteration of the skin pigment – hyperpigmentation (skin color occurred in the area where hair removal) and hypopigmentation (skin discoloration) may occur shortly after epilation. Fortunately, there are temporary effects. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure both before epliare, and after.
* Infections are very rare and occur because of inadequate care of the skin after laser treatment
* Scars can develop after an infection of the skin, but like infections are quite rare


* Follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish oil, vitamin E;
* Wash new clothes before wearing them;
* If exposure to sunlight, can cause dry skin. Use creams with photoprotection.

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