5 Tips for getting a close shave

30 Nov

perfect shaveIn times where men are increasingly more concerned about its aesthetics, dandruff, blackheads, oily skin, there is something basic: facial hair. When a man chooses not to wear a beard, it is good to be clean-shaven. A mean no, or baby face, or Santa Claus beard.

We will then five tips for men to obtain a “perfect shave”

1. Wash your face with soap to remove oily skin debris so that water can penetrate well on facial hair.

2. Apply shaving cream if you have dry skin, or shaving gel if your skin is oily. But always in the opposite direction to the hair.

3. It is best to shave gently and “chipping” in this case in the sense of hair growth. Instead of shaving in the opposite direction to growth for a close shave, it’s best to shave twice in the same direction.

4. First shave softer areas such as cheeks. The chin and upper lip are best left for last, because there has the largest number of “hard hairs.” After shaving from the base of the neck to the jaw, then down again, because hair grows in both directions.

5. Be alert to the pins: men usually left right-left pin shorter. The shorter left-handed right.

Warning: never shave against the hair, this can cause ingrown hairs and redness. If the beard is hard should shave in the shower, or after showering to take advantage of the steam softens the beard. And after three uses, change the razor blades.

If you shave, you have no excuse to have the face smooth and soft.

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