Taking Care Of Your Skin

11 Aug

Theoretically, you know we need to take care of our skin every day, regardless of season or how tired we are. Here are some issues that should be mindful of this point of view.

# To care for skin around the eyes, apply some special makeup, and cream designed specifically for this purpose (in fact, the ideal is a gel texture that is much easier, more fluid and therefore easier to apply). The gel is particularly useful if you wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles are quite pronounced.

# Enlarged pores can be a very annoying problem, the causes are multiple: dehydration, excess sebum and exfoliate failure. The good news is you can very quickly detect the cause of this trouble, go into dermatology or asking the advice of beauticians. The difference will be remarkable.

# In terms of protection from solar radiation, some people are reluctant to apply such products on the face, because your skin will get an unsightly shine. And yet, it would be wise to not protect your face and moisturizer is not a sufficient barrier. Ideally, a cosmetic product based on zinc oxide.

# Have you recently passed the age of puberty, but from time to time a basket is increasingly rebellious, usually in the “key moments” when you have to look best. No matter how tempting it would be to “exterminate” it, resist temptation. You will not only attract thousands of bacteria in a delicate area. For now, mask it with makeup, and later, treat it with an aspirin-based product.

# Pigmentation caused by sun are downright nasty, agreed. As for which you tend to cover them, putting “plentiful” makeup, powder, blush … Stop – Ideally, you should follow a cosmetic treatment, but if you do not have time, uses a special exfoliating product on the basis of alpha-hydroxy acids. This will substantially reduce pigmentation.

# From time to time, indulge your feet with a soothing bath with lukewarm water when you put a tablespoon of sea salt. Recommended is that you then rub with olive oil, which moisturizes and softens skin. Flex your toes and massage on your foot, thus stimulating blood circulation. Optionally, water can add three to four drops of peppermint oil. After a hot day, the sensation of coolness will be more enjoyable than …



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