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13 Jul

There comes an age in which every woman, despite having taken the precaution of taking care of the skin from his youth, shows signs of fatigue, fine lines, and loss of radiance and firmness.

The 40 years mark the beginning of a period in which we must strengthen the care lavished on the delicate skin of our face. Do not wait for your skin shows a dull matte appearance and to take action, remember that prevention is essential to slow (or mitigate) the effects of time:

Exfoliate your skin regularly (1 or 2 times per week) to remove the dead cells off the skin tone. If creams containing microgranules are too harsh for your skin, use a softer scrub with enzymes such as papain.

Apply moisturizer daily. Water containing fills wrinkles, so the light reflects better.

Reduces pores. They used a specific product that tune, or a silicone base that contains reflective pigments and before makeup. You will get your skin smooth.

Use a serum with vitamin A or C at night. Vitamin A or retinol provides more density to the skin, because it activates the production of collagen fibers in the dermis. While vitamin C is an excellent treatment that erases express tired and evens the skin tone.

It uses a flash bulb on special occasions. The proteins derived from soy or rice and are present in these products is deposited on the skin and tense for hours.

Before bed, apply a wrinkle cream with highly effective ingredients such as retinol, which directly supports the production of collagen in the dermis, which fills in wrinkles and gives more density to the epidermis.

If you have dark spots used skin lightening lotion. The reason is that this types of cosmetic product containing substance such as kojic acid or soybeans to return the uniform skin tone.

Nutricosmetics resort to if you want to reinforce the action of the creams. Desirable products are rich in antioxidants (lycopene and vitamin E) and protecting the skin (grapes, resveratrol, etc.).

Twice a year, do yourself a 1-month intensive treatment with vitamin C ampoules. Erase the tired-looking, clear tone and smooth wrinkles.

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