Taking Care Of Your Neck

13 Oct

Your face shines. Mission accomplished! But these wrinkles on the neck what is it? Neck skin has a gray tint, unhealthy, is dry and prone to dehydration … It is even more regrettable as the neck skin is more sensitive than the face. Neck often reveals real age – but not if it is well maintained.

Causes that lead to premature neck skin aging

• Position of the head leads;
• Abuse of soap, which degrease and dehydrate;
• Abuse detergent;
• The clothes made of synthetic materials (collars, shawls) or rough materials (some natural wool shawls);
• Sunburn;
• The misuse of maintenance products (such as astringent products) or make-up;
• Sleep on pillows very high – it causes the formation of “Venus rings”;
• Acid mantle of skin and loss of endocrine disturbances leading to the formation of a series of unsightly moles;
• Agressive compresses applied to treat – that were added to alcohol, vinegar, mustard flour, etc.;
• Using jewelry, oxidizable materials.

Neck Care Tips

# Neck should be cared for at the same rate as face skin care – cleansing, toning, apply a cream and a mask. Never “work” only on the face;

# Mallow tea warm compresses – revitalizes skin, and compresses it with carrot juice, which gives vitamins.

# Morning and evening fo a little neck gym – rose chin, head rotates left and right, up and down;

# With a little focus, tighten the neck muscles, thus preventing the formation of double chin;

# An old method of removing the double chin is as follows: soak a towel in hot water with salt and, by stretching the taps – is an effective massage and moisturizer, keeping in mind that the salt retains water in tissue;

# In periods of “recovery” is needed daily massage of the neck – the movements are downward, from top to bottom and back;

# Sprays neck toner for sensitive skin, also use hot water, refreshing spray, and wear silk scarves only.

Summer is the ideal season for rest, relaxation and fun. It would be a shame not to have part of all this? Here are some points which is good to consider.

After swimming in the sea or the pool, thoroughly wash your head (it is advisable to apply shampoo twice), and really need to use conditioner. Otherwise, hair will be dried and will begin to open in (normally unwanted) color. As a precaution, before entering the water, you can apply a range of leave-in conditioner that does not require rinsing.


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