Forget homemade mask for neck wrinkles

23 Apr

neck wrinklesWhat woman wants to look young and sexy skin on the neck and chest? To be honest, many of us focus on other areas of the body and give little attention to it, however, is as delicate as the face, since it is very exposed.

So that it can deteriorate due to the lack of moisture, which will lead to undesirable wrinkles if not you solve in time.

So when you moisturize your face, it costs you nothing to follow along and apply also creamy neck, as this will help regenerate the skin wrinkles and delay their onset.

Here we share some recipes for homemade masks for you to observe what they can look hot this area of your body:

- Once a week, soak in warm water or a cotton cloth and gently clean the skin of your neck. So put away all traces of dust and makeup that has accumulated.

- Exfoliating natural yogurt mixed with a little sugar gently massages neck and chest and then removed with cold water. Then apply your cream cheese and let stand for 30 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and not dry, allowing the skin to naturally absorb all the nutrients that you gave. This is an excellent option to regenerate the skin not in contact with products containing chemicals whose effects not know, especially if you are allergic.

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