Massage to prevent wrinkles in the neck

08 Aug


Ask any man and will answer the same: there is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s neck.
That’s why gold should look like the skin of that area, most of all for its delicacy and as one of the areas of the body more prone to wrinkling.

To keep your neck taut and wrinkle I bring you a series of exercises:

Sit in a chair with good support, drop your head back and start tapping performing art short massage from your chest to the skull.
Next, you must press to landslides elongated from the neck down to her shoulders.
Finally, and to complement, you can make a foolproof cheek exercise based on filling the air as if inflating a balloon and then empty it launched the air toward the ceiling.
Undoubtedly, an unfailing practice to avoid wrinkles in the neck.

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