Caring for your neck and décolleté

15 Dec

Caring for neck and décolletéThe neck and chest are revealing of our age, sun exposure and the care we give them.

Over time, the neck and chest shows sagging and sun damage if you do not care for. The skin on the neck area is so sensitive as the face for what they show spots and freckles. But with a little care you can keep these areas attractive for a long time.

Caring for your neck and décolleté

Generally clean in the bath but avoids the use of soaps that dry out either because they have little odor, color or very strong.

If you make a homemade facial you can include the neck and chest by applying cleanser and tonic as in the professional facial.

To moisturize this area you can use skin cream you use or extend to the face.

No need to use special creams but if you want to fight flab spots or you can use a facial cream containing the retinol or glycolic acid before bed. Another option is to use natural oils like almond oil, shea or others.

But be sure to clean the skin before applying moisturizer at night. You can use cotton or a clean wet towel.

Special treatments for neck and décolleté

You can make these treatments from once a week to once a month.

Use a tonic or cleanser and clean with gauze. Apply the cleanser or toner with gentle circular motion.

Apply a moisturizing cream or natural oil

When using oils you can use a warm compress for these to be absorbed well. (Made with gauze or towel)

After 10 minutes of having the product in the area, clean the neck and chest with water or make it more special with rose water.

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