Three keys to the neck skin care

12 Apr

keys to the neck skin care Experts insist that we do not pay attention to this area until they become visible early symptoms of age

The face is not just right on the chin. That’s one of the highest of any expert in skin care, who do not stop to emphasize that the skin of the neck is just one of the most delicate of our body. The problem is that we care for our face, but we agreed to extend these mimes to this particular area. As the esthetician Carmen Navarro explains, “We do not pay attention to the neck until they become visible early symptoms of age, avoiding all kinds of preventive care.”

A mistake, no doubt. This area seems to fall into a sort of no man’s land, halfway between the face and body without falling over her devoted care the rest. Big mistake! Precisely the skin of the neck is one of the most fragile of the body, by having fewer oil glands (becomes dehydrated and dry easily), little fat (ie, is thinner) and a lower density of connective fibers, making it easy prey to the flaccidity. Therefore it is important to spend a minimum of care, before the years make their mark.

Basic care for skin of the neck. Carmen Navarro does not hesitate to set one basic rule: “The neck should be treated exactly like the face. In other words, we must makeup remover, use a toner to balance the pH and further implementation of a good moisturizer. And if we use a mask on his face, we must also extend neck and chest. “That is, remember that the face does not stop at the jaw, at least from the standpoint of aesthetic care. This was also pointed Career Happiness: “From the age of thirty we spend on the skin of the neck and neck the same attention to facial skin.”

And over the years … As in the contour of the eyes, the delicate, thin neck skin over time shows a precocious little welcome. So often need to pamper her with firming creams or even lifting effect before thirty years, to prevent greater evils will.

The position count! One of the best ways to prevent premature wrinkles is to monitor the position. Carmen Navarro warns of the dangers of certain habits: “Women who spend much time in front of a computer should not be careful to always keep the screen at a suitable height, nor is it good to hold the phone between ears and shoulder for a long time Take care also your choice of pillow. If you sleep on your side, you should look for a pillow hard and high, to help offset the space between the shoulders and head, but if you get used to lie on your back, you want more a more low. The most important thing is not to force the neck; the pillow helps maintain the fluidity of the neckline for the column, without forcing it.

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