Tips to repair your makeup quickly

08 Apr

makeup quicklySome things never missing from the purse of a lady, especially coming from the world of cosmetics, as these are to care for the beauty of all women at all times.

But we know that a woman’s handbag is a world, where everything fits, and also the fullness, the bustle of the days and bumps can cause breakage of cosmetic products.

It is important to know how to retrieve the makeup. For example, lipsticks are the most fragile. In the event of any break you can join the broken part with its base in the heat of a candle. When you finish lipstick gets warm it in the freezer. While you can no longer use it with your applicator as before, you’ll use with a brush.

Other fragile items are pressed powders, shadows, and only achieved with a blow to break. For compact base is recommended to collect the pieces and pulverize it, taking care with no traces of plastic or glass. You put the powder in a new packaging and are ready for use.

For shadows gather dust is recommended that you have and place it in a small bowl and add some alcohol to evaporate.

Another essential chemical is petroleum jelly, is ideal for back-up products. This eliminates lumps that usually keep masks applicators. You smear Vaseline on them and then remove with a clean cloth. When you have problems with your bottles of nail polish before closing rub a little petroleum jelly so that they do not close tightly.

Another secret is that before you sharpen your eyeliner pencil sharpener puts you in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and you’ll avoid any residues in this.

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