Makeup tips in youth

23 Apr

Makeup tips The transition to adolescence has its issues in many aspects of the life of a woman, but when it comes to makeup, the question often arises about the style and what kind of makeup is best for you.

It is important to pay attention to the tones to be used for make-up at this stage of life must be natural.

Against this, we will present some tips on beauty care and makeup that girls are cool style without losing his innocence and naturalness that characterizes this age.

To start the habit is important to clean the skin, and instead of using a foundation you can opt for a moisturizer with color. This is key to the natural result in full makeup.

If necessary a correction is applied, particularly in the eye area to cover in the case of dark circles that exist, it must be of a lighter color than the skin.

If you need to remove the shine from skin can be treated by applying a translucent powder on your face without losing the subtle look. In the eyes is recommended soft pastel shades and lined with brown pencil, you can blur and highlight the eyes.

The cheekbones can apply a clear blush, and lips, if desired highlight the, you can opt for a pink or brown pencil with a colored lip gloss or usually more natural.

On the tabs to mark tabs translucent mask and look up. The idea is to highlight the beauty teen and make the transition to this new phase.

Be sure to fix before a dinner party, even at night can use the same makeup alone with mascara in black.

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