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24 Jun

Every day, an increasing number of individuals are opting for a natural makeup approach for their skin regimens. By choosing to use no makeup or a small touch of specialised product, men and women alike are breathing new life into their skin and everybody is taking notice.  From celebrities to everyday mums, this technique is the talk of the town and you will be too; just follow these tips and you’ll be looking radiant in no time!

The Pros of Wearing No Makeup

One of the most immediate benefits of not wearing makeup is the lack of maintenance. You suddenly no longer have to spend time applying and removing foundation, blush and concealer every day. These benefits also trickle down into long-term health for your skin, as you no longer have to worry about the comedogenic (pore-clogging) effects that traditional makeup has on your skin. Within a short period of time, you’ll notice that your skin’s most-traditionally clogged pores are decreasing in both number and size. With fewer natural blemishes on your face, your natural makeup (also known as you) is freer to shine and show off the true you!

Many times, makeup can also end up accentuating our features that make us appear older. When you apply makeup and “go through the motions” in your daily life, makeup loves to go along for the ride. It tends to work itself into our faces, outlining fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. If you apply a moderate to heavy amount of makeup, by the end of the day your makeup may be doing the exact opposite of what you initially intended: making you look old and tired as opposed to youthful and refreshed. If you follow the natural makeup approach, these worries are out the window.

Making the Transition

Millions of people all around the globe have made the switch from heavy, traditional makeup to a no-makeup or natural makeup regimen. Celebrities understand the importance of looking their best, but they also understand the need for a fresh, natural look that isn’t always derived from harsh chemicals and skin-irritating products. Many individuals may feel naked without their favourite cosmetics at first, but you do not have to go “cold turkey” all at once. There are a variety of natural yet minimally-invasive skin products out there that can give you that desired look while simultaneously providing your skin with added benefits.

Natural makeup product lines such as bareMinerals, Ecco Bella, and Bare Escentuals have an array of blushes, foundations and powders that both nourish and accentuate your natural tones without the negative side-effects of traditional makeup. Many natural or mineral-based lines of makeup will bond to your skin’s oil output, which as mentioned earlier leads to cleaner, more open pores. Mineral makeup is light but effective, allowing you to start with a very light amount of coverage and build up to your desired look. Virtually all mineral makeup lines also have natural UV protection which helps guard the skin against damaging sun exposure, a very important issue that is neglected in most traditional cosmetic products.


Mineral-based makeup is all the rage nowadays. Whether you are looking to go au natural or simply improve the process of your current makeup regimen, consider the switch. Natural makeup will complement and benefit your complexion and your skin will thank you!


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