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DIY Facial Scrub: recipe natural exfoliating sugar cane

12 Aug

sugar caneBy now the summer is upon us and the grayness of winter is now far. With the hot season is also our skin to renew itself like the seasons, so why not take care of our skin with a facial scrub natural?

It will be a way to make the skin smoother and brighter and allow the creams to penetrate, operate more efficiently. If you have a little time to indulge (and you will find it!) Made a blend for a natural exfoliating scrub with sugar cane. In this way you save and, above all, know what it is composed of the mixture you’re going to put on your face. More natural ingredients will certainly find them in the kitchen. Sugar cane has a natural exfoliating olive oil is moisturizing, honey is a natural antibacterial, vanilla gives’ added fragrance.

Here, in detail, ingredients and doses to prepare:

2 cups brown sugar

Half cup olive oil

1 / 4 of a cup of honey 1 tablespoon vanilla

Once prepared, as well as when to use it because the mix of natural ingredients tend to separate, and moisten the skin. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and remove with warm water. Use it once a week. More expensive than treatment in a spa

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Cosmetics DIY: Applesauce to form a smooth skin and bright

02 Aug

Cosmetics DIYThe properties of the apple is not surprising that so many find her friend at the table is that among the secrets of beauty. A form of the apple is good for all skin types and helps to keep fresh, smooth and bright, more important than ever during the first sunbathing making our poor suffer violence face exposed to the rays, although sunscreens . Here’s how to use it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Recharge Your Skin With Coffee

09 Jul

Let’s face it: there are times when we just don’t look and feel our best. When you are tired, it shows not only in your mood and energy levels but also in your face. What if there was a way to address both the internal and external factors that make us look and feel tired? Luckily for you, one of the many homemade beauty products available can address these symptoms.

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Natural Remedies For Blackheads

02 Jul

You’ve probably spent time looking for blackhead remedies that incorporate the best that natural beauty products have to offer. While blackheads do not cause physical pain or scarring like many cysts and pimples do, they can be a nerve-wracking experience when they come out of nowhere on the most observable parts of your face. They can make many people feel embarrassed, even though blackheads are caused by natural body processes (the release of sebum from your oil glands) and not bad hygiene. Whatever the causes or science behind blackheads, we all want to make sure our skin is shiny and blackheads are minimised to a memory. Let’s review what causes blackheads, how to treat them and how to prevent them from occurring.

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Natural Skin Beauty – Without Makeup

24 Jun

Every day, an increasing number of individuals are opting for a natural makeup approach for their skin regimens. By choosing to use no makeup or a small touch of specialised product, men and women alike are breathing new life into their skin and everybody is taking notice.  From celebrities to everyday mums, this technique is the talk of the town and you will be too; just follow these tips and you’ll be looking radiant in no time!

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Where Cystic Acne and Natural Lifestyles Collide

14 Jun

Actually, cystic acne collides with nearly all lifestyles it contacts, but consider that doctors often prescribe such acne-blasting but terribly unsafe and expensive medications like Accutane to minimise the amount of effort and pain surrounding cystic acne afflictions. These treatments, while effective, can lead to side effects like long-term stomach lining erosion, birth defects, and ulcerative colitis, and suicidal tendencies. Understandably, many cystic acne sufferers have turned to natural treatments for cystic acne so that they can avoid the damaging effects of products like Accutane.

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Aspirin for the face

29 Dec

faceAspirin is a close relative of salicylic acid, widely used in the treatment of acne and for being an acid can help some skin conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Protect yourself from the sun

17 Dec

Protect from the sunWhen we think of sun protection products to protect think our skin as guards, filters or sunscreens but there are other things we can do.

The sun damages the skin causing wrinkles, age spots, premature aging and so on. It also causes damage to gray hair and eyes that is necessary to protect us. Here are some recommendations: Read the rest of this entry »

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Lemon and oatmeal mask to remove skin blemishes

20 Sep

The spots on the skin, or sometimes the product of sun and birth can be very annoying in the summer, when we must show more skin.

Did you know that can be eliminated based on a trick home, using the bleaching properties of lemon and oatmeal? Read the rest of this entry »

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Enjoy all the benefits of green tea

11 Jul

The green tea is fashionable. Today they have rediscovered their nutritional properties, is sold as a filter, in bottles just like the energizer and natural presentation, and the demand grows. And the herb itself has many nutritional benefits, though, as long as you take it in moderation.

Among its properties, green tea is good as a diuretic. In fact, drink it helps eliminate fluids from the body, thereby not only be free of impurities and toxins, but losing weight and burning fat. Also Read the rest of this entry »

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