Enjoy all the benefits of green tea

11 Jul

The green tea is fashionable. Today they have rediscovered their nutritional properties, is sold as a filter, in bottles just like the energizer and natural presentation, and the demand grows. And the herb itself has many nutritional benefits, though, as long as you take it in moderation.

Among its properties, green tea is good as a diuretic. In fact, drink it helps eliminate fluids from the body, thereby not only be free of impurities and toxins, but losing weight and burning fat. Also known astringent properties. If you prepare an infusion and allowed to stand for three or four minutes, and then drink it, we will relieve upset stomach.

Green tea also has properties antioxidants. Is said to double the antioxidant power of vitamin C, which would make it ideal for purifying the body and preventing diseases such as cancer. One, called polyphenols attack the free radicals, which will slow the cellular aging and promotes longevity. This benefit is also associated with skin care free radicals are responsible for wrinkles and skin aging.

He also noted that green tea protects and regenerates the cells of the heart by what we drink may help prevent heart attacks and other heart disease. Another property of green tea is associated with the heart that helps regulate cholesterol and triglycerides.

It is better to take green tea in its natural state and not to buy packaging, because in this process, flavors and preservatives, nutrients are lost.

Because green tea can block the absorption of iron, is recommended to take between meals and not after. Of course, children under 15 years should not drink it.

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