Beauty Foods to Enhance

06 Jan

foodsIt is clear that to be most beautiful most women resort to makeup and creams, but we are forgetting that the very nature of some foods can help us to achieve very effective results in the body that result in better health.

Several studies have shown that there is at least 7 foods that not only prevent our health but also rejuvenate and beautify our body through the internal properties available.

So we can talk about the berries, blueberries, currants, raspberries … they are a fruit with antioxidant properties which dramatically slow the aging of the skin, and enhance our memory. These can also be combined with vegetables or green leaves from a lettuce to spinach, we also have a large supply of antioxidants, but most fiber, ideal for our body is properly regulated.

The vegetables we can add other foods also help to keep us beautiful and healthy, I can think of a salad with golden vegetable like carrots, some nuts or grains of corn entrer, these three guests each bring different benefits, vegetables are golden powerhouse of vitamin A needed for our skin and contain antioxidants that slow aging. The nuts and grains also provide vitamins Trainings type E, omega 3 and vitamin B6 which allows us to stalk diseases is mitigated.

Salmon is the king of the blues catch of fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B12, is an ideal food for our hearts that something is healthy and strong is necessary to make physical and daily activities. Finally a good dessert would be a yogurt; this brings benefits to our immune system, our intestinal flora and our skeletal system.

Obviously we do not think than the fact of including more of these foods to our diet, we become Jovens and beautiful models … just making a healthy diet with some of these foods and some exercise, keep your body in perfect condition.

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