Natural Makeup

06 Nov

MakeupThere are some nice tricks to see each other again without of recharging both makeup and see us much more natural solution.

Step by step:

* For the face use a natural tone base to be as close as possible to your skin tone, apply and match with your color sparingly.

* For use cheeks blush pink, coral, plum, bronze not to overdo it just a little light to the face.

* To apply eye shadow shades of ivory, bronze, honey, to give more depth to the eyes can outline ivory tones, with or if you prefer pen with liquid eyeliner.

* For the tabs, if you have dark lashes and volume only need to apply some transparent mask, on the contrary are short lashes and apply mascara small Eyelash than half of these to the top this gives an effect volume without being exaggerated.

* For lips, apply a pink or coral and if you want to look more volume can apply some lip gloss in the middle and will be more sensual. Seals makeup with translucent powder to removes the glow effect.


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