Basic care for fair skin

23 Apr

Basic care of skinThere are skin envied by all women throughout the world, perhaps the case is the skin of celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer, Anne Hathaway and Nicole Kidman.

These beautiful and famous women have the distinction of having a light complexion and suffer sun exposure. These are known as very white skin phototype I and II are those that do not tan sunbathing and if this happens they burn.

These skins require very careful care and usually have less fat than others and this makes them fragile. To be sure that the skin will look healthy and beautiful skin is recommended pampered with some extra care.

Three causes problems

- Fine wrinkles. These are given in the contours of the eyes, although not marked may appear early in life by the skin type.

- It is easier to suffer sagging white skin as this may tend toward early facial sagging. Usually occurs in the area of the jaws.

- White dots. These are given by the non-daily exfoliation and because of that fat accumulation in the pores.

Guide to care for your skin

Hydration: It is necessary to use a moisturizer with SPF 15. This will allow maintaining the elasticity due to collagen and elastin.

Do not abuse the sun: Be careful with uncontrolled exposure to the sun as it may cause severe skin burns. Do not forget to be careful with the sun be gradual, and very respectful of your skin. Never, ever forget to protect yourself with sunscreen.

Power Good: This is an important step. You must go to vitamin C, you can extract from fruits like kiwi, oranges and other citrus fruits, and dairy products and meats find proteins. This helps maintain collagen and a good clear skin.

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