Dealing with sensitive skin (II)

04 Nov

sensitive skinIn our first post referred to sensitive skin , we begin by explaining how to recognize their impact, because many disorders that sometimes attach to issues of time, weather conditions or stress, without realizing that we could be facing a fundamental problem, we must learn to deal with as such.

There is a wide range of products and possibilities, so it is important first of all learn to recognize which case we are. Know that sensitive skins are more prone to become red, irritated easily and have allergic reactions.

If you suspect that this is your case, let me warn you that some sensitive skins requiring special care, pay very close attention to cosmetic products that are used (creams, makeup, lotions, etc.)..

My recommendations to consider are:

Always use hypoallergenic products without dyes or perfumes.

Be careful with the scalp as well as people with sensitive skin are likely to have the same problem in it. So always used shampoo neutral pH, without dyes.
Watch your diet with special attention. This also affects the health of the skin, so do not abuse alcohol or spicy.

If you have opportunities to access, you commented that the thermal water is a good choice since it has relaxing effects, decongestants and moisturizers. It does not irritate the skin and helps restore skin tone and smoothness.

I hope I’ve provided a basic guide to help you recognize the natural condition of your skin. Do not forget that my contributions are always general advice and in case of severe disease or worsening of symptoms, you should not hesitate to consult a specialist immediately.

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