Retinol: Secret Of Perfect Skin

31 May

What are retinoids?

Derivatives of vitamin A, retinoids are often used to treat acne and reduce signs of sun damage.

What is retinol?

Is the pure form of vitamin A. Some experts call it vitamin A acid.

Vitamin A is a coenzyme that, among other functions, stimulates the functioning of the skin and more specifically one of its derivatives, retinol, preventing the formation of free radicals.

What is retinoic acid?

Is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A, and the active ingredient of retinoids. It is also known as tretinoin.

Retinol improves the appearance of the skin due to constant exfoliation and promotes the formation of collagen. Used in the face, hands, body, neck and chest.

At present, it is common use for treatment of skin rejuvenation because it is one of the most effective ingredients in cosmetics to combat wrinkles, improve skin texture, treat acne, dark spots and pigmentation problems.

The effects of retinol depend on the concentration used. Dermatologists use higher concentrations to exfoliate the skin to deeper levels.

Who can use it?

The best candidates for these treatments are generally older patients who have some fine facial wrinkles, spots or pigmented areas caused by sun damage. However, it is often prescribed for young, active people who want to fight the aging effects of sun exposure. Retinol is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, because their effects on the fetus and infant are still being studied.

What care should be taken when using it?

When using Retinol you must avoid the sun and use a strong sunscreen. If the skin is protected from the sun, burns and stains can appear. Many skin irritations using the Retinol, causing redness, mild burning and itching. It is therefore advisable to go to a dermatologist before starting use. He will guide you on the correct way to take advantage of this wonderful product.

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