Stem Cells: The Forefront Of Cosmetic Chemistry

03 Jun

Dr. Patricia Dermer talks about stem cells and their applications in products for skin care.

Stem cells are those that have the ability to self-renew or continue the differentiation pathway for which are scheduled and, therefore, produce one or more cells in mature tissues, functional and fully differentiated.

From the discoveries made on the characteristics of stem cells, cosmetic science has studied its applications to products for skin care.

Aging causes a decrease in the number of stem cells. In addition, deteriorating environmental quality of these cells limits their regenerative potential. Also, UV radiation and other environmental stressors or negative affect intrinsic vitality and activity of these cells. In the skin, this is manifested as loss of firmness, elasticity and freshness.

The skin stem cells possess the ability to differentiate itself from other cell types in the same tissue. However, going through many cell division cycles and maintaining the undifferentiated state. Its primary functions are to replace senescent cells and regenerate damaged tissue, ie replace aged and damaged cells.

Plant stem cells protect the environment of the germ cells and optimize its potential for renewal. Are unspecialized cells whose sole purpose is reproduction.

Unlike humans and animals, adult plants contain totipotent stem cells. This means that each cell acts as biomimetics, integrating and adapting to the cells of each organ, and restructuring in full each. Therefore, it is able to regenerate new organs: leaves, roots and even the entire plant.

Recent studies on plant stem cells show that these beneficial effects on skin stem cells, among which we mention:

Stimulate cellular metabolism and compensate for changes caused by aging, UV, pollution, stress, etc.

Have regenerative properties that are able to keep the skin younger longer.

Conserve and protect the vitality of skin stem cells.

Contain epigenetic factors that regulate gene activity and function of skin stem cells.

All of this transforms the plant stem cell products in powerful rejuvenating the skin.

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