Acne in adults: what is this?

28 Nov

Acne Acne is associated with adolescence, where many hormonal changes occur. Many adults think that when we no longer have acne, but often there is great disappointment, as we spent 20, 25 and still with this annoying condition. In here we tell you why that is adult acne, so you know how to handle and look better.

Why Acne occurs?

First we must know why acne occurs. The causes of this condition are excess oil in the skin, caused by hormonal changes, and the presence of bacteria on the skin. If your parents had acne is highly likely that you have it too, because it is hereditary.

No problem cleaning

If you wash your skin too, only irritability and unable to clear the acne, because it forms under the skin. The recommendation is to wash your skin twice a day only, with a mild cleanser and warm water.

Do some factors affect acne?

Some factors have been discussed as causes of acne, such as chocolate consumption, stress and makeup. It is shown that the power to influence your acne, but it depends on individual reactions, like stress, only you know if they influence your acne or not.

However, reducing stress will help you live better, and it is believed that acne causes more stress on people, so you should try to regulate both. The makeup itself could cause more acne you and any substance you put on your face (sunscreen, for example), because they can clog your pores.

It is believed that birth control pills can reduce acne by increasing circulating androgens, but it may work for some women and not others.

What I can do if I have acne?

If you have adult acne is more likely that you have many more years, but you can do things to control, such as avoiding touching your face and avoid oily substances may be in contact with your face. Your doctor can give you the most appropriate treatment and can also opt for natural alternatives.

If you are the people who have tried every acne and you have not had much success, have patience, some work some things and others more. It is important that you wash your face twice a day with anti acne soap (you can use soap scum, not to pollute) and then you can use chamomile water (put a bag in a cup of chamomile tea) that you apply it in the face after washing them.

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