Diets do not delay the aging antioxidants

29 Nov

delay the agingYes, this title will probably be quite shocking when you consider the fact that for many years it has been stated otherwise. Whenever we have all believed that the harmful effects of free radicals (oxidative agents in our bodies) could be counteracted by eating a diet of antioxidant or the application of creams with the same properties.

But even though this was a hypothesis that we all believed true, the fact is that the evidence was never verified. In order to contrast it once and for all, David Gems and his team at the University of London, some worms genetically altered to have greater antioxidant resistance, and were exposed to free radicals to measure their reactions.

However, far from what could be believed, these worms lived just as the worm whose genetic makeup has not been altered, which casts doubt on the fact that a diet based on foods antioxidants and applying beauty creams the same properties can delay aging.

Do not confuse things. A diet rich in antioxidants prevents age-related diseases, such as cancer for example. However, this does not delay old age, or at least have a minimal action on free radicals, which are responsible for damaging the cells.

It would therefore be wise not to continue spending money on creams antioxidants and wait another theory arises that reveals a new option to combat free radicals.

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