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29 Nov

Remove stainsThe spots on the face are hyperpigmented areas usually result from exposure to the elements, such as sun and wind, although some diseases and the use of strong products can also cause them. When there is good to know how to remove stains on the face, it must be said that are not wholly aesthetic.

While some people have darker skin tones, such as Latino and African southerners, stains on the face can affect anyone and care as they have a direct impact on relationships with others. We know of cases where an excessive number of spots have someone to be rejected for a job.

The most widely recommended for the treatment of such skin diseases from dermatologists. It is the daily use of sunscreen with high rate, over 35 or 50, depending on the geographic area where you live. While useful, it is not enough for those who want a clean skin, evenly colored and free of stains that have already been created.

To remove facial blemishes existing cosmetic market offers several options, some chemical and some physical. The first group includes products containing hydroquinone and kojic acid. These even applied frequently to achieve the desired results are also household and, in most cases require no medical indication.

The group of physical options is specialized treatments that use lasers. As expected, these are only performed by properly trained professionals because they carry some risks.

Whatever choice you choose should be aware that the treatment of facial blemishes demands patience and discipline to achieve the expected results. It is also necessary to take care to prevent the emergence of a new or darkening of which have already appeared.

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