Acne in adulthood

31 Jan

Acne You are always talking about teenage acne, problems of youth, pimples they leave, how much that disfigure the face of trauma that cause … but what about adults who have a problem Acne or pimples?. It is so rare and are often more problematic because it has dragged young and becomes chronic and more difficult to cure.

The symptoms of adult acne are:

-Redness of the cheeks and nose area.
-Glows in the face (due to excess fat).
-Skin robust in the face with open pores and blackheads.
-Potential pimples and bumps on the upper back area.
-Signs of scarring.
-Spots, reminiscent of ancient grains.

Faced with this problem, start trying to see the source, although not always easy to diagnose if there are some basic rules that we know at least that is what is affecting us.

It’s Convenient:
* Drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins.
* Eating too few animal fats.
* Do not eat chocolate.
* Do not eat nuts.

Restrict the use of snuff and alcohol.
* Wash the area with some astringent solution.
* Keep a lot of hygiene in the face and hands.
* And especially careful when touching on the beads, it could infect more.

Be very careful with the “magic cures” such as toothpaste, can dry out a pimple, but also can leave a stain.
If, despite the rules of hygiene, and dietary changes, the problem persists, it would be advisable to get in the hands of a specialist for treatment. It would also be a good solution, bathing in a spa with sulphurous waters, which are very good for treating skin problems.

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