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03 Jan

Beauty treatments at homeThe experience of going to the salon to be pamper and make it pretty special but can be a bit expensive. There are ways to lower the cost of beauty.

Among the beauty treatments are routinely needed: Hair cuts, styling hair, dyes, shaved legs, underarms and eyebrows, manicure, pedicure, facial. Many can be done at home if they so desire.


If you want to spend less on courts try not to take a structured style with sharp angles, such as Bob. These courts require constant trim. Long hair may require fewer cuts but requires more products but in general it is cheaper.

At home you can cut your bangs but you have to do it correctly. Do not try to cut your hair yourself. Read bangs and face types


At home you can dye your hair if you change only one or two tones, three maximum. For more radical changes need to go to the hall and touch up the stain more often to avoid the nasty roots of another color.

The special combatants as streaks, highlights or streaks but can be done at home are preferable to leave to the professionals. Read paint my hair at home

Manicure and pedicure

Both treatments can be done at home. Be careful not to use dirty instruments and preferably not cut cuticles.

You can also save lengthening the period between treatments maintaining them at home. This is achieved by reapplying nail, filing and trimming nails and applying creams and scrubs to foot. Read express manicure and pedicure


The facials are not required but are desirable and relaxing. Its frequency depends on your taste and pocket. The basic facial can be done at home without any problem of course is not as relaxing as the spa. Read homemade facial

If you want to reduce the cost of living is preferable to have facial at home and let the facial and spa specialist as microdermabrasion , photo facial peels deep.


There are several ways to make the hair on the house:
1 – We can buy a machine like Tria hair removal. At first is expensive but it is a single expense. .

2 – The cheapest and easiest way but not necessarily the best to shave legs and underarms and use tweezers for eyebrows. If you need more shaved in the face is better to go to the salon.

3 – Wax or sugaring at home. It can be done in the legs and underarms. We do not recommend using these procedures yourself eyebrow because a small error is very visible. Be careful with the temperature of the wax to prevent burn. Read waxing and sugaring

4 – Using creams epilators. These products work well for many people, especially in the legs. Other people cause allergies and irritation. We do not recommend its use in the face.

Other aspects

It is important to follow the products to avoid irritation and other skin damage.

Professional people do a better job, but with time and practice you learn but almost never reach the professional level.


In doing treatments at home not only saves money, saves time and also have control on the quality of the products used and hygiene. The results will not be the same but the savings can be significant depending on where you live.

The key to success in these treatments is to set a tentative schedule from the beginning and try to follow instead of leaving it to drift.

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