Some tips to stop acne and prevent scarring

30 Jan

stop acne We all know that acne, no matter what our age, it is usually be quite frustrating, conditions in many aspects of our daily lives and creating us some complex sometimes we retreat into our relationships with others, especially if these attacks on our We leave skin marks and scars. Therefore, since we begin to perceive the acne should start as soon as possible with proper treatment and not wait to prove irreparable side effects that may cause us later.

Currently, there are medicines that get very good results. These medicines contain benzoyl peroxide, ideal for curing acne, reduce inflammation and prevent further outbreaks that may arise in the future.

Food is an important point for the reduction and prevention of acne. We eat foods that are rich in vitamin C and zinc. On the other hand, we must also avoid or at least minimize the consumption of caffeine, which helps dry the skin and therefore make it more prone to pimples. Furthermore, the fact of being a stimulant, also stimulated androgens are responsible for producing sebum. It should drink plenty of water, since this is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, and counteract the androgen levels in our body and therefore avoid as much as possible the appearance of pimples.

A good tip to keep in mind is to remember always remove makeup every night before bed, because it clogs the pores if left in place for many hours. We also need to exfoliate the skin frequently to avoid clogging dead cells of our skin pores and let in bacteria and oils that eventually form a new grain.

A good and easy way to reduce acne is to apply ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth on the affected area for about 10 minutes. It will help reduce swelling and prevent further breakouts.

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