Accutane and Roaccutane: how to act

06 Feb

RoaccutaneHow the Accutane or Roaccutane

The drug works by reducing the amount of secretions produced by the sebaceous glands.

This means that during the treatment to dry the entire skin including the lips.

Most people are released following treatment of acne for years and potentially forever. It is estimated that 10% of people taking Accutane acne will return after a year after treatment ends. One in four people (25%) who have taken it again after two years and other people have the effect for two years or more. Most people never have acne again.

For the duration of treatment, the dry skin is intense, dry nasal pits so that sometimes there is bleeding and even go to the bathroom can be painful at the end of treatment.

The treatment lasts three to five months and end of same to most people find it difficult to finish it due to dryness.

Accutane is for you

Treatment is difficult, expensive and severe side effects. For this reason, Accutane should be restricted only for severe cases of acne but some dermatologists use it to moderate.

The results are impressive as we said in most cases, although rare complications exist and can be very hard. This medicine is not playing and if you decide to take it there to go to a doctor with experience.

If it’s a teen parents should be aware of side effects especially the possible depression that occurs in rare cases. During treatment should avoid sun exposure and always use sunscreen.

You see, if you only have a few pimples is better to follow other treatment. Basically the treatment is prescribed Accutane if you have cystic acne or pimples with pus or very inflamed acne has been long and at least two or more medical treatments have been followed without success.

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