Runners: How to care for your skin

04 May

Runners skincare Speaking of care or marathon runners, usually only refers to physical, talent, performance, or power, but little is said about the importance of care related to your skin, being that it is permanently exposed the wind, cold, sun and heat.

If you are running, here are some tips to protect your skin and not only be well physically, but also aesthetically:

1) Hydrate: not just a matter of drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. Also become accustomed of sunscreen creams (both summer and winter) and lotions to avoid the impact of sun, cold and wind.

2) Take care of your feet, moving your feet can suffer extensive damage, and often noted especially in summer, when they are naked most of the time. Then:

- Wear shoes that do not compress too your foot so that the nails are blackened, and that hurt a lot and are very unsightly.

- And do not use shoes that fit you loose so you do not constantly go and rub the skin, hurting her.

- Use socks that absorb moisture (cotton, for example), and avoid blisters.

3) Dress appropriately: avoid the effect of rubbing on the skin by wearing Apply yourself with few seams or Vaseline around the body.

4) Lips, hair and eyes protected: extreme care in these sensitive areas when you’re very exposed to the sun, particularly in summer. For the lips, put on sunscreen, hair, use caps with visors, and eye, apply droplets to prevent dryness.

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