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09 Jul

# If you have swollen eyes, apply for 15 minutes, two warm compresses, soaked in black tea infusion.

# Left eyelids can be corrected in an early stage without having to resort to plastic surgery. This problem usually occurs because of muscle relaxation of the upper eyelid, in conjunction with the effect of gravitational force. If you rub your eyes regularly, there are chances are specific to regain muscle tone and vitality.

# To stimulate blood circulation and remove dead cells layer from the surface of the lips, rub them gently with a toothbrush after every brushing. Instantly, you notice your lips are “full”, more glamorous and sensual …

# To strengthen your gums, rub them every week, with salt. Will freshen your breath and you’ll be less likely to make Paradontosis.

# Wrinkles on the neck can be prevented by stimulating the skin with a massage performed daily, morning and evening.

# Take care of properly bust area! Apply regular moisturizer or a layer of almond oil, taking care to cover the entire portion of the breast, doing so, the skin will become more firm.

# If your hair looks dull and lacks volume, use a mask of coconut oil. Apply product starting at the root and massage for the oil to spread evenly throughout the hair length. Put your helmet and leave a mask on all night. In the morning, wash hair with a gentle shampoo.

# To get rid of nasty dandruff, mix one raw egg yolk with a drop of lemon juice and few drops of camphor oil. Apply on the scalp, massage and leave on for 10 minutes. In this way, the scalp will regain protein. Rinse with cold water in abundance.

# Do not use eye makeup remover for face. Its composition is different and it is advisable to use only products specifically for the delicate eye area. If you have special eye makeup remover on hand, milk is the solution. Or, in extremis, even cold water.

# Invest in a special bottle of cuticle oil. The role of oil is to hydrate and to allow a more efficient removal.

# Do not fall into the trap of using too much moisturizer in eye region, or a very oily product.

# Two or three times a week, massage your cheeks. This area of the face will relax, which is otherwise important, because it can cause tension headaches and even dental problems.


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