Sales, caviar and seaweed, three gifts of the sea to your skin

03 Sep

seaweedThe sea is a source of beauty, where are some of the treasures of the current cosmetic.

Did you know that the sea hides great treasures for your skin? So, are increasingly products containing marine components, especially prized for its anti-aging properties, regenerating, firming and draining. And thanks to the cosmetics, you can enjoy the benefits of the sea without leaving home.

Algae, a weapon against wrinkles and cellulite
Certain algae, especially the blue “have a remarkable capacity to stimulate production of collagen and elastin, and thereby enhance the reaffirmation skin from the inside. Alginates, on the other hand, have great qualities for regeneration, and are mainly used in formulas for sensitive or irritated skin. But if there is one area where algae have become fashionable is no doubt in reducing and anti-cellulite products, as well as drainage. Those that are rich in iodine favor the elimination of liquids and the burning of fat, while the most abundant in calcium, magnesium or pose a real injection of energy to the skin, which absorbs these minerals, enjoying the revitalizing action.

Caviar, a real treat
Not only pampers the palate but also the skin. Thanks to its high content of essential amino acids, peptides, structural proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and iodine-rich, high repairing and regenerating power. So often used in products for mature skin that needs intense nutrition to restore all the items you lost over the years. Luxury brands like La Prairie offer the purified extract of caviar, a powerful anti-aging active.

Sales: concentrated extract of sea house
Another cosmetic treasures are hidden sea salts, desired for its high mineral content. For this reason the most valuable are those with the highest percentage of these elements (mainly magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, potassium and phosphorus) and Dead Sea salts. States are used to calm the irritated skin flaking, or simply to inject a large dose of vitality.

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