Banana good for the care of skin

27 Oct

The banana has been relatively frowned upon in many parts of the world due to consider a common fruit and high in calories, but the really interesting are all properties of banana in the field of health (improving hypertension, gout, rheumatic diseases, anemias, digestion, etc.)..

In relation to beauty tips, the trend is pointing toward the natural, and in this case the banana can be a useful alternative. In fact, the property of the banana skin is remarkable, and to catch up we will review them.

The shell and the same banana contain antioxidants that can regenerate the skin applied and to minimize and eliminate certain conditions, among the most important are mentioned:

Animal Bites

It is also a very effective remedy that helps moisturize the skin and provides soft feel, brightens skin, tones the skin, promotes healing, slows the aging process diminishing signs of aging, helps eliminate dark circles and also protect you external factors.

To achieve ideal results will take advantage of the properties of the banana skin in its entirety. For inflammations, bites, acne, etc. we can apply directly to skin the inside of the shell and leave a few minutes, we can also use masks or applied banana pureed (The area to apply the treatment must be clean so that the qualities of bananas to take effect) .

When consumed on the diet, thanks to STI content of vitamins (A, C, B1, B2 and E) and minerals (zinc, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and selenium) Regulates organ function, and this is reflected in the health of the skin. Also you’ll notice STI effects on the hair (firmness, brightness, smoothness, etc.). Since it is attached to the scalp and nutrients get to this point to feed all the hair fiber.


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